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Align Your Brand Identity With Natural Visuals

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Nature & Botanical Visuals

Organic, softer, natural design visuals have been slowly coming forward 

for the last 10 years.  The mimicking of nature, natural lights, softer, earthy

colors and tones, natural gradients, and flowing lines is very much back

in fashion. It fits with the trend of minimalism, muted color palettes,

illustration, designed to create natural ambiances and textures.


The styles have been there for a while. But the big push has come as a

result of the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic and a renewed thirst for nature.


Not surprisingly, people who've been denied going outside for long periods,

now have a strong urge to walk barefoot along a beach, appreciate open spaces,

and reconnect with nature. 

Botanicalize Your Brand Identity

In 2021 you can incorporate this back to nature

movement into yor brand identity through product packaging, promotional graphics, and the

juxtaposition of your products or services

presented in a natural environment. 

© 2020 web design by Ripe Banana Limited

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